how is daolu different from kombucha?

DaoLu is fermented from rice and contains no added sugar. On the other hand, kombucha relies on added sugar for its fermentation process. The two fermentation processes are completely different.


what are some potential health benefits of drinking daolu?

DaoLu's refreshingly sweet taste comes from fermentation, and hence it does not require nor contain added sugar. The process of fermentation is the break down of macromolecules into smaller, nutritious molecules that not only are good for one's digestive system but also are good fuel for a healthy gut microbiome. Also, by fermenting rice, antioxidants are brought out, which are very healthy for a wide spectrum of bodily needs. Antioxidants can be vital in preventing metabolic diseases, including heart disease and diabetes.

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is Daolu an alcoholic beverage?

DaoLu is a non-alcoholic beverage. 

when/how much should I drink Daolu?

DaoLu is a very versatile drink, so we encourage our customers to drink at their leisure. However, DaoLu does serve as an excellent pre- and post-workout drink because it provides the immediate sugar that fuels the mind and body. DaoLu is also a great ingredient to add to smoothies or even cocktails to give them a unique twist.


where can i buy daolu?

Click here for our stockists! We hope to expand even more in the future.


Is DaoLu available for online purchase?

We are still working on getting our online store off the ground. Stay tuned for updates and thank you for your patience.

Where is daolu made?

DaoLu is hand-crafted in Cleveland, OH.