Our drink


the meaning

The combination of Chinese characters in our trademarked "DaoLu" translates to "rice essence" or "rice dew." However, there is a more common combination of two other Chinese characters with the same pronunciation that translate to "journey" or "path." With this double meaning in mind, we hope to not only provide people a delicious drink but also inspire them to follow their own journey through a healthy life.


the taste

DaoLu is an all-natural, fermented rice beverage that has a refreshingly sweet and umami taste, with no added sugar.

The beverage market is experiencing an explosion of fermented drinks such kombucha and kefir. Unlike kombucha, which uses added sugar for fermentation, DaoLu fermentation starts from just rice. In addition, DaoLu comes without the vinegar-like taste of other fermented drinks. We produce a healthy and tasty beverage made from a natural process which imparts a genuine savory sweetness vastly different from that of added sugars or sweeteners.

Fermentation is one of the oldest methods used to preserve and introduce new flavors to food. DaoLu is made from rice fermentation, a process that originated in China as early as nine thousand years ago. Two simple ingredients, rice and water, are the starting materials. When fermentation starter is added to rice, many enzymatic reactions take place to generate a complex flavor. DaoLu’s sweetness comes from the conversion of starch into simple sugar. Savory taste, or umami, comes from a combination of amino acids generated from enzymatic protein breakdown, organic acids from probiotics, vitamins, minerals, and other rice fermentation end-products. DaoLu is minimally filtered to give its smoothness and pasteurized to retain its refreshing taste at optimal level.


gut health and wellness benefits

Fermentation not only gives DaoLu a savory and refreshing taste, but also bestows many health benefits. Many enzymatic reactions take place simultaneously, turning macromolecules into smaller, easier to digest nutrients— perfect fuel for our gut microbiome. Amino acids and short peptides are generated from proteins, glucose from starch, and organic acids from probiotics. Recent laboratory research has also demonstrated that rice fermentation releases strong antioxidants such as phenolics with potential anti-cancer, anti-inflammation and cardiovascular disease-ameliorating effects. DaoLu contains no added sugar and is free of salt and cholesterol, meeting or exceeding the criteria many people seek in a healthy diet. It is also intrinsically vegan and gluten-free. 


DaoLu is a functional drink.